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About Seibukan

Seibukan Dojo and Tom Smyth, Sensei teach Toyama Ryu Batto Jutsu Japanese Swordsmanship and the Seitei kata of the Zen Nihon Batto Do Renmei.

Toyama Ryu swordsmanship was taught to soldiers in the Japanese military in the early 20th Century, and its techniques date back to the ancient samurai.  It is a practical art in the sense that the techniques taught focus on using the sword to cut with economy of motion. Students learn how to wear, draw, use, and re-sheath the katana without self-injury and while maintaining situational awareness.

As batto jutsu is a Japanese art, the Seibukan Dojo teaches in traditional Japanese fashion. New students start by learning basic dojo etiquette and how to safely handle a sharp sword.

If you're interested:
Show up! Class time is Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm. Prospective students must observe one class before training may begin. Admission into the dojo is at the head instructor's discretion after a personal interview. 

Since students use sharp swords capable of inflicting serious injury respect for the instructor, fellow students, and oneself is paramount. Due to the dangerous nature of handling sharp swords, no students under 16 years of age will be accepted.

Fees: The Recreation Center charges $50.00 per 8-week session. Other additional costs, including insurance, uniforms, training gear, etc. will be discussed during the student's first visit.

Class time: Tuesday evenings (6:30 to 7:30) & Thursday evenings (6:30 to 8:30)

Place:  Palm Bay Recreation Center
          1501 Port Malabar Boulevard, NE
          Palm Bay, Florida
          Phone: 321-952-3443

Email: Senior Student


Seibukan Dojo is affiliated with the following organizations:

Zen Nihon Toyama Ryu Iaido Renmei (ZNTIR)

Zen Nihon Batto Do Renmei (ZNBDR)

Seizankai Dojo, Machida, Japan


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